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Superman III
Director: Richard Lester
Cast: Christopher Reeve, Richard Pryor, Annette O'Toole, Jackie Cooper, Marc McClure, Annie Ross, Pamela Stephenson, Robert Vaughn, Margot Kidder

Ruthless business magnate Ross Webster plans to rule the world. Only Superman stands in the way, but he hopes to fix that with self-made kryptonite. The third movie in the series manages to maintain some of the old-fashioned charm from parts I and II, but ultimately offers an odd mix of campy humour and grim violence when Superman becomes a selfish, brooding bastard. Lois Lane makes an appearance only for continuity, as Clark Kent gets reacquainted with his high school sweetheart. Richard Pryor gives a terrible performance as a clever but dumb computer programmer. Followed by Superman Iv: The Quest for Peace (1987).