Hammerman Ikon

Best Songs 1990-2019

Hammerman Ikon’s favourite songs from the recent years.



1.   James Blake: Tell Them
2.   Weyes Blood: Something to Believe
3.   James Blake: Mile High
4.   Chromatics: Light as a Feather
5.   Big Thief: Betsy
6.   Chance the Rapper: Found A Good One (Single No More)
7.   Hot Chip: Melody of Love
8.   Weyes Blood: Movies
9.   Chromatics: You’re No Good
10. Sharon Van Etten: Jupiter 4

Big Thief: UFOF
Kanye West: Use This Gospel
FKA Twigs: Sad Day



1.   U.S. Girls: Pearly Gates
2.   Lykke Li: So Sad So Sexy
3.   John Grant: Love is Magic
4.   George Fitzgerald: Burns
5.   Mitski: Nobody
6.   Beach House: Black Car
7.   Chvrches: My Enemy
8.   Janelle Monáe: Crazy, Classic, Life
9.   Kids See Ghosts: Kids See Ghosts
10. Low: Always Trying to Work It Out

Mitski: Two Slow Dancers
U.S. Girls: L-Over
Phosphorescent: Christmas Down Under



1.   Perfume Genius: Slip Away
2.   The XX: Replica
3.   Lana Del Rey: Lust for Life
4.   The XX: Say Something Loving
5.   Perfume Genius: Wreath
6.   Dirty Projectors: I See You
7.   LCD Soundsystem: How Do You Sleep?
8.   Fever Ray: To the Moon and Back
9.   The War on Drugs: You Don’t Have to Go
10. Lorde: Homemade Dynamite

Grizzly Bear: Mourning Sound
LCD Soundsystem: American Dream
Spoon: I Ain’t the One
St. Vincent: Los Ageless



1.   ANOHNI: 4 Degrees
2.   Kanye West: Ultralight Beam
3.   Christine and the Queens: Jonathan
4.   ANOHNI: Drone Bomb Me
5.   Blood Orange: E.V.P.
6.   Anderson .Paak: Am I Wrong?
7.   Radiohead: Burn the Witch
8.   Chance the Rapper: Same Drugs
9.   Todd Terje and the Olsens: La fête sauvage
10. James Blake: I Need a Forest Fire

Vitalic: Waiting for the Stars
Metronomy & Robyn: Hang Me Out to Dry



1.   Miguel: Waves
2.   Sufjan Stevens: Fourth of July
3.   Kendrick Lamar: Alright
4.   Jamie XX: Loud Places
5.   John Grant: Global Warming
6.   Kendrick Lamar: King Kunta
7.   Destroyer: Sun in the Sky
8.   Chvrches: Keep You on My Side
9.   Lana Del Ray: Art Deco
10. Beach House: Somewhere Tonight

Lana Del Ray: The Blackest Day
John Grant: Geraldine
Julia Holter: Sea Calls Me Home
Tame Impala: New Person, Same Old Mistakes



1.   FKA Twigs: Two Weeks
2.   The War on Drugs: Under the Pressure
3.   Todd Terje: Oh Joy
4.   Sharon Van Etten: I Know
5.   Sun Kil Moon: Carissa
6.   Asgeir: Going Home
7.   Todd Terje: Delorean Dynamite
8.   Interpol: My Desire
9.   The Black Keys: In Time
10. TV on the Radio: Careful You

Lykke Li: Heart of Steel
Asgeir: Higher
Perturbator: She Is Young, She Is Beautiful, She Is Next
Wild Beasts: Mecca



1.   John Grant: Ernest Borgnine
2.   James Blake: Retrograde
3.   Kanye West: Guilt Trip
4.   James Blake: Overgrown
5.   Chvrches: The Mother We Share
6.   Kanye West: Blood on the Leaves
7.   The Arcade Fire: Reflektor
8.   John Grant: GMF
9.   Atoms for Peace: Before Your Very Eyes
10. Queens of the Stone Age: I Appear Missing

The Arcade Fire: It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)
Arctic Monkeys: One for the Road
Daft Punk: Contact
The Flaming Lips: Try to Explain
Fuck Buttons: Hidden Xs
Vampire Weekend: Ya Hey
Kanye West: I am a God 



1.   Dirty Projectors: Dance for You
2.   Chromatics: Lady
3.   Spiritualized: Hey Jane
4.   Rufus Wainwright: Jericho
5.   Beach House: Myth
6.   Frank Ocean: Thinkin Bout You
7.   Grizzly Bear: Sun in Your Eyes
8.   Rufus Wainwright: Rashida
9.   The Bowerbirds: This Year
10. El-P: Request Denied

Animal Collective: New Town Burnout
Chromatics: Kill for Love
Chromatics: A Matter of Time
Dirty Projectors: Maybe That Was It
Passion Pit: Hideaway
Shearwater: You As You Were 



1.   Bon Iver: Holocene
2.   Destroyer: Kaputt
3.   PJ Harvey: The Glorious Land
4.   My Morning Jacket: Holdin’ on to Black Metal
5.   Kanye West & Jay-Z: New Day
6.   James Blake: The Wilhelm Stream
7.   Justice: Horsepower
8.   Beirut: The Rip Tide
9.   St. Vincent: Dilettante
10. Elbow: The Birds

The Black Keys: Run Right Back
Bon Iver: Calgary
Cut Copy: Sun God



1.   Kanye West: Monster
2.   The Arcade Fire: Sprawl II
3.   LCD Soundsystem: All I Want
4.   Kanye West: All of the Lights
5.   Beach House: 10 Mile Stereo
6.   I am Kloot: I Still Do
7.   Massive Attack: Splitting the Atom
8.   Twin Shadow: Tyrant Destroyed
9.   Yeasayer: Ambling Alp
10. Midlake: Acts of Man

The Morning Benders: Hand Me Downs
Shearwater: Meridian
Vampire Weekend: Taxi Cab



1.   Animal Collective: Summer Clothes
2.   Doves: Kingdom of Rust
3.   The Antlers: Shiva
4.   The Mummers: Wonderland
5.   Dirty Projectors: Stillness Is the Move
6.   The Flaming Lips: Powerless
7.   Dan Auerbach: Goin’ Home
8.   Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks
9.   Patrick Wolf: Hard Times
10. The Decemberists: Won’t Want for Love

Julian Casablancas: 11th Dimension
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse: Pain
Fuck Buttons: Flight Of The Feathered Serpent



1.   Glasvegas: Geraldine
2.   Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal
3.   Supergrass: Butterfly
4.   Destroyer: Shooting Rockets (from the Desk of Night’s Ape)
5.   Metronomy: The End of You Too
6.   TV on the Radio: DLZ
7.   Elbow: The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver
8.   Sigur Rós: Gobbledigook
9.   Vampire Weekend: Bryn
10. Portishead: Magic Doors

Department of Eagles: Around the Bay
My Morning Jacket: Smokin’ from Shootin’
Secret Machines: The Walls Are Starting to Crack
Shearwater: The Snow Leopard



1.   LCD Soundsystem: Someone Great
2.   Of Montreal: The Past Is a Grotesque Animal
3.   Radiohead: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
4.   Radiohead: All I Need
5.   The National: Fake Empire
6.   The Arcade Fire: Intervention
7.   Beirut: The Flying Club Cup
8.   The Besnard Lakes: For Agent 13
9.   Robert Plant And Alison Krauss: Nothin’
10. Arctic Monkeys: Fluorescent Adolescent

Andrew Bird: Simple X
Richard Hawley: The Sun Refused to Shine
Justice: Genesis



1.   Midlake: Roscoe
2.   The Flaming Lips: Pompeii am Götterdämmerung
3.   Gnarls Barkley: Crazy
4.   Muse: Map of the Problematique
5.   TV On The Radio: Wolf Like Me
6.   Thom Yorke: And It Rained All Night
7.   The Divine Comedy: To Die a Virgin
8.   The Knife: Silent Shout
9.   Midlake: Home
10. Mew: Apocalypso

Jarvis Cocker: Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time
Gnarls Barkley: Gone Daddy Gone
Secret Machines: Lightning Blue Eyes



1.   Sufjan Stevens: John Wayne Gacy, Jr
2.   Fiona Apple: O’ Sailor
3.   My Morning Jacket: What a Wonderful Man
4.   Antony and the Johnsons: Hope There’s Someone
5.   LCD Soundsystem: Yeah!
6.   Boards of Canada: Dayvan Cowboy
7.   Elbow: Leaders of the Free World
8.   Kanye West: Heard’em Say
9.   Sigur Rós: Hoppipolla
10. Wolf Parade: I’ll Believe in Anything

The Decemberists: The Infanta
My Morning Jacket: Lay Low
Patrick Wolf: Teignmouth



1.   The Magnetic Fields: I Thought You Were My Boyfriend
2.   The Arcade Fire: Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)
3.   Midlake: The Jungler
4.   Tom Waits: Hoist That Rag
5.   Kanye West: Jesus Walks
6.   Mark Lanegan Band: Out of Nowhere
7.   The Arcade Fire: Rebellion (Lies)
8.   TV on the Radio: Staring at the Sun
9.   Secret Machines: The Road Leads Where It’s Led
10. The Magnetic Fields: It’s Only Time 

Björk: Where Is the Line?
The Magnetic Fields: I Looked All Over Town
Tom Waits: Make It Rain



1.   The Arcade Fire: No Cars Go
2.   Radiohead: Where I End and You Begin
3.   OutKast: Hey Ya!
4.   Elbow: Fugitive Motel
5.   Radiohead: There There
6.   OutKast: She Lives in My Lap
7.   Mew: Am I Wry? No
8.   Beth Gibbons & Rustin’ Man: Mysteries
9.   Radiohead: A Wolf at the Door
10. The Arcade Fire: Old Flame

Goldfrapp: Strict Machine
Mew: Snow Brigade
OutKast: Pink & Blue



1.   The Flaming Lips: Do You Realize?
2.   Queens Of The Stone Age: God is in the Radio
3.   DJ Shadow: You Can’t Go Home Again
4.   Queens Of The Stone Age: First It Giveth
5.   The Flaming Lips: One More Robot / Sympathy 3000-21
6.   Aimee Mann: Invisible Ink
7.   Supergrass: Prophet 15
8.   Moloko: Forever More
9.   DJ Shadow: Six Days
10. Robbie Williams: Feel

The Flaming Lips: Fight Test
Norah Jones: Come Away with Me
Supergrass: Za



1.   Radiohead: Pyramid Song
2.   Spiritualized: Out of Sight
3.   The Avalanches: Since I Left You
4.   Elbow: Any Day Now
5.   Ash: Shining Light
6.   Björk: Pagan Poetry
7.  Radiohead: Like Spinning Plates
8.   The Avalanches: Frontier Psychiatrist
9.   Spiritualized: Anything More
10. Mark Lanegan: No Easy Action

Mercury Rev: Hercules
Radiohead: You and Whose Army?
Spiritualized: Don’t Just Do Something



1.   Radiohead: The National Anthem
2.   Goldfrapp: Human
3.   PJ Harvey: This Mess We’re In
4.   David Gray: Please Forgive Me
5.   Aimee Mann: Red Vines
6.   Moloko: The Time Is Now
7.   Queens of the Stone Age: In the Fade
8.   Goldfrapp: Lovely Head
9.   PJ Harvey: You Said Something
10. Björk: I’ve Seen It All

Goldfrapp: Paper Bag
Aimee Mann: Calling It Quits
Radiohead: Idioteque



1.   Mark Lanegan: Shanty Man’s Life
2.   The Flaming Lips: Waitin’ for a Superman
3.   Macy Gray: I Try
4.   The Flaming Lips: Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
5.   The Magnetic Fields: Papa Was a Rodeo
6.   Masters of Reality: The Great Spelunker
7.   Moby: South Side
8.   Supergrass: Moving
9.   Mark Lanegan: Carry Home
10. The Magnetic Fields: Time Enough for Rocking When We’re Old

Mark Lanegan: Consider Me
Masters of Reality: Boymilk Waltz
Moby: Natural Blues



1.   Massive Attack: Angel
2.   The Divine Comedy: Commuter Love
3.   Massive Attack: Inertia Creeps
4.   The Divine Comedy: The Certainty of Chance
5.   Massive Attack: Teardrop
6.   Jeff Buckley: New Year’s Prayer
7.   Mercury Rev: Opus 40
8.   Pearl Jam: No Way
9.   Mark Lanegan: Praying Ground
10. The Divine Comedy: National Express

Sheryl Crow: There Goes the Neighborhood
Garbage: You Look So Fine
Massive Attack: Man Next Door



1.   Björk: Bachelorette
2.   Radiohead: Suterranean Homesick Alien
3.   Faith No More: Ashes to Ashes
4.   Radiohead: Let Down
5.   Spiritualized: Broken Heart
6.   Supergrass: Hollow Little Reign
7.   Radiohead: No Surprises
8.   Portishead: Only You
9.   Ultra Bra: Sinä lähdit pois
10. Depeche Mode: Barrel of a Gun

Faith No More: She Loves Me Not
Portishead: All Mine
Verve: Sonnet



1.   Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Where the Wild Roses Grow
2.   The Divine Comedy: Something for the Weekend
3.   Screaming Trees: Sworn and Broken
4.   DJ Shadow: Building Steam with a Grain of Salt
5.   Manic Street Preachers: A Design for Life
6.   Pearl Jam: Red Mosquito
7.   The Divine Comedy: Songs of Love
8.   Sheryl Crow: Redemption Day
9.   Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Henry Lee
10. DJ Shadow: The Number Song

Sheryl Crow: Home
The Divine Comedy: The Frog Princess
Screaming Trees: All I Know



1.   Radiohead: Street Spirit (Fade Out)
2.   Faith No More: Just a Man
3.   Echobelly: Car Fiction
4.   Garbage: Stupid Girl
5.   Radiohead: Planet Telex
6.   Björk: Army of Me
7.   Echobelly: Great Things
8.   Faith No More: Evidence
9.   Björk: It’s Oh So Quiet
10. Garbage: Milk

Echobelly: King of the Kerb
Faith No More: King for a Day
Radiohead: Just



1.   Portishead: Glory Box
2.   Jeff Buckley: Grace
3.   Pearl Jam: Corduroy
4.   Portishead: Roads
5.   Jeff Buckley: Lover, You Should’ve Come Over
6.   The Black Crowes: Ballad in Urgency
7.   Massive Attack: Karmacoma
8.   Tom Petty: It’s Good to Be King
9.   Mark Lanegan: Carnival
10. Portishead: Sour Times

The Black Crowes: Cursed Diamond
Jeff Buckley: Last Goodbye
The Magnetic Fields: Swinging London



1.   Depeche Mode: Walking in My Shoes
2.   Smashing Pumpkins: Hummer
3.   Björk: Play Dead
4.   Pearl Jam: Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
5.   Jellyfish: The Ghost at Number One
6.   Sheryl Crow: Run, Baby, Run
7.   Björk: Human Behaviour
8.   Smashing Pumpkins: Today
9.   Pearl Jam: Daughter
10. Depeche Mode: One Caress

Jellyfish: Joining a Fan Club
Radiohead: I Can’t
Smashing Pumpkins: Disarm



1.   Faith No More: RV
2.   Sisters of Mercy: Temple of Love
3.   Alice in Chains: Would?
4.   Masters of Reality: She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On)
5.   Screaming Trees: Nearly Lost You
6.   Faith No More: A Small Victory
7.   The Black Crowes: Remedy
8.   L7: Pretend We’re Dead
9.   Sugar: Changes
10. Del Amitri: Just Like a Man

Alice in Chains: Rooster
Faith No More: Everything’s Ruined
Screaming Trees: No One Knows



1.   Massive Attack: Safe from Harm
2.   Massive Attack: Unfinished Sympathy
3.   Pearl Jam: Black
4.   Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit
5.   Temple of the Dog: Call Me a Dog
6.   Fishbone: Those Days Are Gone
7.   Lenny Kravitz: It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over
8.   Metallica: The Unforgiven
9.   Pearl Jam: Jeremy
10. Temple of the Dog: Reach Down

Fishbone: Fight the Youth
The Levellers: The Road
Nirvana: Come As You Are



1.   Sisters of Mercy: More
2.   Maggie’s Dream: Human
3.   Trouble: A Sinner’s Fame
4.   Sisters of Mercy: I Was Wrong
5.   Queensryche: Della Brown
6.   Danzig: Her Black Wings
7.   The Black Crowes: Sister Luck
8.   Maggie’s Dream: Between Fear and Desire
9.   Neil Young and Crazy Horse: Over and Over
10. Steve Vai: Erotic Nightmares

Alice in Chains: Sea of Sorrow
Mother Love Bone: Stargazer
Wendy & Lisa: Crack in the Pavement