Die Hard with a Vengeance
Director: John McTiernan
Cast: Bruce Willis, Jeremy Irons, Samuel L. Jackson, Graham Greene, Colleen Camp, Larry Bryggman, Sam Phillips, Anthony Peck, Nick Wyman, Kevin Chamberlin

John McTiernan returns to the director’s chair in the third part of the series, which ditches the old formula (John McClane fighting the bad guys in a confined surrounding in order to rescue his wife) and takes the action to the streets of New York. A nasty terrorist, who is related to the villain in the original Die Hard, threatens to bomb an unnamed school unless detective John McClane and a man from Harlem zoom around the city and do exactly as he says. But what is the bad guy’s ultimate plan? Is it really all about revenge? The second sequel is a highly enjoyable action movie with a wonderfully twisty script. Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson have great chemistry. Followed by Die Hard 4.0 12 years later.