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Mad Max 2
Director: George Miller
Cast: Mel Gibson, Vernon Wells, Bruce Spence, Mike Preston, Emil Minty, Max Phipps, Kjell Nilsson, Virginia Hey

In post-apocalyptic Australian desert, the remaining survivors fight over the last drops of fuel. Max, a loner with a selfish agenda, helps a group of people protect their oil refinery from a gang of vicious thugs. Mad Max was an entertaining but clunky action movie, but this brutal and exciting survival story is a true original and arguably one of the finest sequels ever made. The junkyard look of the sets, cars, and costumes have influenced countless other dystopian dramas. The action set pieces still look fresh and visceral. Mel Gibson gives one of his most memorable performance as Max. Followed by Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985). Mad Max: Fury Road revived the franchise 30 years later.